"The Highlights Of Living"

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My favorite person ever @boatdock03
Real niggas all feel the hook !!!
😂😭😄😁 #repost Fellas, get yourself a white girl and call it a day. #lovewhitewomen

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The Wolves On Wall Street.
I smoke more weed than a hippy. 😁🍃🔥😙💨 if it ain’t kush, it won’t touch my lighter.
DUI? Dealing drugs? Better call Saul! Saul Goodman, it’s all good man! #meinthefuture #criminaldefenseattorney #saulgoodman #breakingbad
I know my style ain’t perfect, I know my smile ain’t perfect. A nigga ain’t perfect, it’s true. Funny how I’m perfect for you.
Feeling like John Gotti, can’t nobody fuck with us. We them niggas, we them niggas, we them niggas. Everybody keep calm you got some real niggas in the building! Let it pass puff puff!!! class of 14’s finest’
I remember when, I was like 10, maybe 9… Ricky had a deuce-deuce, 2 shotty pumps with a baby 9. Busta had the Rhymes, Puffy had the Shine. Bone Thugs had more thugs but that was the shit that made me rhyme.  What’s up, what’s on your mind? Hold up, I’m feeling fine.
@forbes @yankees